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Tuition and Art classes

My approach in the early stages is to teach that which can be taught; how to train the eye and hand co-ordination and how to mix colours accurately.


I begin with discovering your personal targets. Nobody is free from influence in the early stages of learning; so what painters you like and what materials you prefer are important considerations. I will advise you and then guide you towards these targets.


I will demonstrate the painting techniques of the masters, copying their work and breaking it down into simple stages, centring on Rembrandt and The Impressionists as a way of easing you into the practicalities of realising your dreams, but the real work will always be what you actually paint.


The courses will be two day sessions to be held at weekends and will be held at my studio in North Norfolk. We will be a small group with personal tuition a dominant theme.


Personal tuition sessions and group class are available throughout the year.


Please contact me for available dates and bookings.


More information to follow.

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